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this has never been done before!
—no! we are, in fact, at the cutting edge of cocking about.

number one

you got me to that place of secret abandon.

peering through my steely gaze

with glimpses of bright eyes and private giggles

i was never one to bear my soul

to overflow with vulnerability or innocence

and I don’t mean to a crowded room

or a family dinner

even to myself

to submit to such sophomoric expressions of child’s love seemed like a sin

my world consisted of future ambitions

self preservation



and know, you’ve got me telling people I’m a closet romantic. 

You opened a cavalcade of storybook joy

Seemingly smothered by societal interpretations of adolescence

Of which, I aptly rejected

Just like the stereotype I unknowing filled –  

premature cynicism

You also broke my fucking heart, you fucktard. 

But that’s ok.

I still think about your fears and anxieties,

Your subconscious kidnapping your decency within childhood experiences of anguish and pain

Morphed into a prescription

And presented in my fragile mind as excuses for acting like a fucking dick.

But still, a glimpse of that precious world latched itself to my rib cage ( cynicism scootched over a bit)

I still hope that you will find someone

Someone who you might someday deserve

who will open your damn eyes

To how mind-blowing beautiful you could be.


Twelve Twenty
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